Solar Hydronics – Hydronic Heating Specialists

Hydronic heating system industry leaders

Solar Hydronics are leading suppliers and installers of hydronic heating systems. Including; Ambient heat pumps, hydronic panel radiators, underfloor slab heating and solar panel integration.

Melbourne and Regional Victoria

Based in Melbourne and established in 1991 by McCormack Plumbing, we are experts in design and installation of hydronic heating systems for new homes or retrofitting them to existing ones. We offer a free onsite visit to help you plan the layout of your radiator panels or underfloor heating system.

How our systems work

Our hydronic and underfloor heating systems operate by re-circulating hot water heated by LPG, natural gas, ambient heat pumps or solar panel integration. With many customers using a combination of power sources or going completely off grid with solar hydronic heating or ambient heat pump power. Let us help you choose the best power source for your home, giving you the ultimate green heating solution.

Efficient and saves you money

Hydronic heating is the most energy efficient, safe, clean and silent way to keep your home warm – compared to ducted heating, reverse cycle or a solid fuel fire. All radiator panels can be individually controlled, allowing you to set the temperature for every room in your home. Hydronic radiator panels are safe to touch and run silently, effortlessly keeping your home cosy.

Want To Save Money On The Installation Of Hydronic Heating?

It’s easy just give our professional team a hand. Owner builders, home renovators and those nifty at DIY projects who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in can save thousands off the price of a full installation on a hydronic heating system.

Don’t have time to help us? No worries let our professional team of fitters, electricians and plumbers take care of it all for you. Call Mark now on 0408 419 703 or enquire via email here.