Customer testimonials

Here are some testimonials from our recent installations of hydronic heating in Melbourne

Kyneton Heat Pump System

Dear Mark,

Just a short note to let you know that our heat pump system for the hot water and hydronic heating, is doing a great job. Your installation has impressed all who have seen it and it is the subject of much admiration and conversation.

Your system setup ensures that the storage tanks are drawn from equally and the heat pumps are running for similar lengths of time. I believe that the balance achieved by your installation is contributing to the efficiency of the system.

We are able to achieve continuous hot water and the hydronic heating maintains at least 20oC in the house, even in the coldest of weather.

Thank you for putting the system together. It’s a great job and much appreciated.

Kind regards,

David and Kaye

St Andrews Heat Pump & Solar / Hydronic Installation

Thanks for the installation of your heat pump system to our newly renovated retreat at St Andrew’s. We have just received our first power bill since the installation, and are delighted to report the system is already paying itself back. Our bill is in fact in credit.

We gained a solar contribution credit of $959.37, our usage and service charges combined were only $822.00 for the quarter, so we actually came out $136.73 in front.

The pump system powers our three boilers which run both the hot water and heating, with hydronic panel radiators throughout our residence of over 300 sqm. The system, in combination with the 5kW solar PV collector roof system has proven to be effective beyond our expectations.

The hydronic heating generates a silent, gentle and cosy warmth. The panels are easy to keep clean and are unobtrusive. Mark who did the installation took immense pride in fine tuning all the components of the system to ensure it was working at its optimum. We felt he was genuinely interested in making sure we were happy with the overall outcome and that there were significant savings on our quarterly electricity bill.

Thanks Mark from Solar Hydronics for your dedication and integrity.

Regards, Ian

Mud brick home in Research Heat Pump System & Hydronic Heating Installation

The installation and commissioning of my hydronic heating system by Mark was very professional. Due to the nature of my house (mud brick) it was more efficient for me to do all the pipe runs and mounting of the hydronic panel radiators whilst Mark got on with the heat pump and tanks installation.

I then worked as his assistant during the testing and commissioning of the completed system – this was a considerable saving over having Mark provide a fixed price for the total system. He was pleasant to work with and always willing to help solve any issues as they arose.

I would have no hesitation recommending Mark from Solar Hydronics.

Peter & Deborah – Research, VIC