Panel Radiator FAQs

Yes. Solid Fuel heaters can be incorporated into the Hydronic Heating System to provide extra environmentally friendly heat. Heating for an entire house will usually require a gas unit also as the wood heaters require a large amount of fuel to give out enough heat capacity to maintain an entire system.

Towel Rail panels for your bathroom, laundry, en suite and powder room can be wall hung.

Yes, however it will restrict the radiant warmth and will not be as effective around the room. Furniture placed directly in front of radiator panels will restrict circulation and affect the room heating.

Yes, Hydronic Radiators are traditionally placed under windows to counteract heat loss and minimise wall space. Custom size radiators alleviate space restrictions giving you a wide scope on panel sizing meaning you have full choice on where to position panels. Even distribution of radiators throughout larger rooms is essential in radiating the heat evenly.

Traditionally Hydronic Heating costs between 2-3 times that of ducted to install. This cost can be quickly recovered over time by using the system efficiently. Average of 2/3rds running cost compared to Ducted. The luxury of Hydronic heating must be experienced to feel the difference – no forced air means no dust mites and no asthma for your children.