Benefits of an Ambient Heat Pump System

Benefits of an Ambient Air Sourced Heat Pump

Low running costs with high Coefficient of Performance (CoP) especially when compared to traditional alternatives


Coefficient of Performance – CoP

The key to the efficiency of a heat pump is what is called the Coefficient of Performance (CoP). An Air Sourced Heat Pump installed by a Solar Hydronics expert will yield more units of heat for each unit of electricity consumed.

Professionals who know what they are doing

Our Ambient Sourced Heat Pumps do not create this energy, they take it form one source and transfer it to another. Because the CoP can vary on every installation it’s important to have experts in the field doing the installation and this is where Solar Hydronics come into their own. Solar Hydronics brings over twenty years experience in the plumbing & mechanical services industry in both residential and commercial sectors servicing the greater Melbourne area. Don’t leave it to chance, Solar Hydronics have the expertise to get the job done. We get it right the first time.

Low maintenance

There is very little maintenance required on the homeowners behalf and minimal professional maintenance required after installation.

Environmentally friendly

Because Ambient Air Sourced Heat Pumps use less electricity for the same amount of heat when compared to traditional systems they have less impact on the environment.

Clean, healthy and dust free environment and ideal for asthma/allergy sufferers.

Traditional systems blow air around a room to distribute heat. This maintains more dust and allergens in the air causing genuine discomfort for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Less dust and less allergens = less symptoms