Pairing Ambient Heat Pumps with Solar Hydronics

The Best of Both Worlds

Pairing ambient heat pumps with photovoltaic solar panels (solar hydronics) can give you the biggest savings. Electricity costs in Victoria in general and Melbourne in particular have significantly worsened over time.

Go Green

As ambient heat pump systems use electricity, the greener the source of electricity, the greater the savings and environmental benefits. Ambient heat pump systems are ideal for integration with photovoltaic (PV) systems because plugging into a renewable green electricity source closes the loop allowing you to go completely off grid if you want.

You get paid

In some cases a Photovoltaic system can actually give you credit on your electricity bill, as you sell your excess power back to the grid. For even greater savings existing rooftop solar hot water systems can be retro-integrated as a booster mechanism. Total electric systems are now considered worldwide to be the most efficient.

Smart Energy

Many users simply choose to source their power from a green energy supplier, to ensure they are supporting renewable energy resources. Additionally, pairing ambient heat pumps with photovoltaic solar panels creates an extremely energy efficient power source for your general household electricity, useĀ  Solar Hydronics.